Phone Music

While I haven’t had time to play the guitar for a while I certainly couldn’t stop making music so I’ve been composing and creating on my phone. Sorry, I should really say I made music on the micro-computer that I keep in my pocket and it has a phone built in! We don’t often think of smartphones like that but that’s really what they are. I have a few music making apps on my phone but all of the latest tunes were made on the same one – Music Maker Jam. It’s a loop based program with some limitations, but I often find that having to work within limitations makes me more productive as having no limitations can be overwhelming because there’s too many possibilities!

I recently acquired an Android tablet on which I made my latest track – a tablet being like a large smartphone with the phone missing. All of my “phone” tracks are different moods and styles so please visit my YouTube channel (using the link at the top right of my page) and listen to my latest compositions. To get you interested, here’s my latest creation – Insomniac. Enjoy ?

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